Privacy Policy En



Personal information collected at our shop is as follows.
a) Your name
b) Address
c) Telephone number
d) E-mail address
e) Shipping address information
f) History of transaction with this shop and its contents
g) Information that a specific individual can identify by combining the above
Use of personal information
In this shop, the purpose of using the personal information deposited from the customer is as follows.
a) Confirmation and inquiry of your order
b) Confirmation of product shipping, inquiry
c) When replying to inquiries
Browsing Data
When you visit and view the Site, KiwandaKiwanda do not generally collect personal data from them, with the exception of "browsing data". The technological platform through which the Site is made available to users automatically records some browsing data (the transmission of which is implicit in the use of internet communication protocols), such as the name of the internet access provider, the site of origin, pages visited, date and duration of the visit, etc. Such information allows users to access the Site and use certain services, and may be aggregated and used anonymously for statistical purposes and to verify that the Site is functioning properly.
KiwandaKiwanda do not collect these browsing data in order to associate them with other information about the users and subsequently identify the users. However, browsing data, by their very nature, may allow identification of the users after they have been processed and associated with other information. Browsing data may, therefore, be used by KiwandaKiwanda in order to ascertain any liability concerning computer crimes committed to the detriment of the Site or through the Site. With the exception of this possibility, the browsing data described above are stored only temporarily, in compliance with applicable regulations.